Classic Western Clothing. Made in the USA

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Western Woman

Cattle Kate designs and maufactures authentic woman's old west clothing. Each piece is made in the USA by one of our talented seamstresses. Find your woman's western wear here from old west dresses to the pantaloons to go underneath and the accessories to coordinate!

Woman's Western Wear

Maneuvering through dusty streets and rough terrain of the Wild West, complicated clothing proved to be impractical. Women's clothing of the 1800's was a feminine silhouette, full skirts, high necks and long hemlines. Our women's western clothing has kept the elegance of the era with modern day style. Cattle Kate designs and manufactures classic old west clothing for women with fabric and details that will remind you of western wear made by a skilled pioneer woman of the past.

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Woman Western Accessories

Accessories to a women's look were quite varied. In addition to a parasol, lace fans or handkerchief, gloves were considered a must. And according to some, women were not considered proper ladies if they appeared in public without a shawl.                                                                                          


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Western Men

Our men's western wear clothing is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

Men's Western Wear

Our men's western wear line is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

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Men's Western Accessories

The old froniter cowboy had a uniform that varied from man to man depending on his own individual style and type of work he preformed. Most of the western accessories a man needed like a new pocket watch, could be bought at the local mercantile or from traveling peddlers. 

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Western Accessories

A cowboy would have to carry everything he might need with him on his horse. His lifestyle was plague with many dangers. Virtually everything the cowboy wore or kept close was designed to keep him safe from all the obstacles. Canteens, leather gloves, spurs, guns, roping cuffs and lariats were commonly needed and used.

Silk Cowboy Scarves

The history of western clothing one thing is always present, a western scarf or as we like to call them "cowboy wild rags". We have created a unique collection of western silk scarves with a variety of style and colors. Don't forget to add a scarf slide to accessorize your new wild rag.

Wild Rags & Scarves Scarf Slides

Western Hats

A cowboy's hat was not only used to protect him from the sun and rain, but also was used to carry water, fan fires, act as a feed bag or whip for his horse or even as a pillow under the western skies.

Cowboy Hats Hat Accessories

Western Belts & Buckles

Western belts add style to your cowboy or cowgirl lifestyle. Whether you need a plain tooled leather belt or fancier concho style belt we have one for every occasion. After you find the right western belt make sure you find the perfect buckle to match!

Suspenders Buckles Men's Belts Ladies Belts

Leather Goods & Bracelets

Cowboy and Cowgirl Leather Gloves, Canteens and Roping Cuffs are only a few of the leather items needed for the trail. And for the cowboys and cowgirls not on the trail we also carry western style bracelets made of horsehair and leather.

Gloves & Cuffs & Canteens Western Style Bracelets

Western Home

Back in the Wild West days the only decoartions in the home might be a candle in the windsill or pair of handmade curtains.  In the cowtowns of the prairies, one might see steer horns, spurs, and saddles adorning the walls, while in the mountains, one would be met by the glazing eyes of taxidermied deer or elk. 

Home Decor

The days of washing your clothing in the creek, cooking your meals on campfire and traveling by covered wagon or horseback were some of the hardships of the old west. Keep the old west alive in your western home. Now you can just shop at Cattle Kate to get all the Western décor you want shipped right to your door. Give every room in your home a western flair. 

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Art & Reading

Enjoy the Wild West! Learn about it's history and folklore in our western book collection or decorate and share your love of the American Frontier with some western wall art. The Old West was an oustanding period of time in our history and you can absorb it all in many forms from our selection of books to funny signs and alluring art.

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Western Wedding

One of the hottest wedding trends is the western wedding trend. Couples are selecting locations like ranch wedding venues and barn wedding venues to host their big day and with those venues comes a fun western feel. Your country wedding starts here with Classic Old West Wedding Attire and Western Wedding Decorations.


Bride Attire

Twentieth-century folklore has it that a homesteader could mail-order a wife to be delivered to his dusty doorstep just as easily as he could order a rifle, stove, or stomach cure. If you have a love for the old West we can help you pull off a country western wedding even if you are not getting married on the prairie.

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Men's Wedding

Best In Men's Western Wedding Clothes If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! Browse our men's line of brocade vests and western ties to make it a perfect day for you and your western sweetheart! Men's Western Wedding, Wedding Neck Ties

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Western Theme Wedding

Add some fun and country flair to your western wedding theme with these delightful western wedding accessories. Choose wedding necessities that will create an authentic cowboy atmosphere for your country or western theme wedding.  Consider cowboy hats for the bride and groom, a lucy horshoe, or western bride and groom cake top.

Guest Books & Pens Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Western Wedding Gifts

Western Wedding Reception

From the western cake toppers, to mini cowboy hat favors we have plenty to make you say "yee-haw" when it comes to your Western Wedding Reception! Be sure to see all our western wedding theme products.

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